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JAPAN - Food & Beverage Trend 2021

It’s a no surprise for everyone, but our lifestyle and consumption changed drastically due to the influence of the new coronavirus in the year 2020. As a matter of fact, the landscape of our meal has also changed significantly, and Japan is not exempt from it.

One of the main factors is the spread of home-based work and home-based learning. The chances of eating out and having dinner with a large number of people have decreased dramatically, giving more opportunities for people to eat at home. While some people were pleased with this way of life, another half struggled with the constraints of cooking. In particular, many people find it time consuming and burdensome to prepare meals for their families who are working from home or studying at home. The main difficulties reside in “preparing the meal” and “deciding on a menu”.

If Japanese people miss the opportunities to go eat and celebrate out of home, they also miss the opportunities to travel and enjoy foreign food. As a part of it, Taiwan and South Korea are leading in this matter.

1. Taiwan

2021 is the Taiwanese year in Japan. Only 4 hours flight from Tokyo, Taiwan is one of the really appreciated destinations of young Japanese people. As a matter of fact, the Taiwanese Food & Beverage are also really appreciated.

A/ Taiwanese Tea

Three Taiwanese Milk Tea PET Bottle in a forest
Taiwanese Milk Tea PET bottle

The past years we could see Bubble Tea Shop blooming in Japan, and you can also find it every corner nowadays. But the Taiwanese tea, which was drunk with tapioca, is likely to be drunk alone (without tapioca) in the future. Even at convenience stores

Taiwanese tea in PET bottles has begun to be sold, and its popularity is gradually increasing. Unlike Japanese tea, Taiwanese tea has almost no bitterness and is characterized by a sweet aftertaste.

Tokyo Adress ; Yi Fang Fruit Tea


B/ Taiwanese Castella

Pieces of Taiwanese Castella with custard cream on a plate
Taiwanese Castella with custard cream

A Castella is a sponge cake type dessert originally born in Japan 500 years ago but introduced and developed in Taiwan only 50 years ago. The Taiwanese recipe slightly differs from the original Japanese recipe, as it’s more souffle-like and fluffy, mainly because of the use of cake flour over bread flour. Taiwanese Castella cakes were originally a 2020 food trend in Japan, but Covid postpones it.

Osaka Adress : Castella Fan Fan


C/ White Fungus Juice.

Taiwanese White Fungus Drink in plastic bags
Taiwanese White Fungus Drink

As it would seem a bit strange to western people, this white fungus Juice could be a hit in Japan. In Taiwan, white fungus is as popular as Tapioca. Mainly use in the beauty industry, this type of product could find a success among beauty-conscious women.

The skin-beautifying drink, which is rumored to be additive-free and makes your skin plump, is likely to break this summer as "Next Tapioca" with zero guilt.

Tokyo Adress : Daylily


2. Shumai (焼売)

Three pieces of Shrimp Shumai Dim Sum
Shrimp Shumai Dim Sum

Originally coming from Hothoh, administrative capital of Inner Mongolia in China, the shame is a Chinese dim sum dumpling. For those who had the opportunity to try it at one of the Asian Din Tai Fung restaurants, the same is a tasty one. The recipe is quite complicated to make at home, but luckily, it’s a perfect product to take away. Regarding this period, it has everything to be a hit this year.

Din Tai Fung

Tokyo Adress ; Din Tai Fung


3. Korean style Macarons (Fat Fat caron)

a selection of Fatcaron from Macapresso
Fatcaron from Macapresso

If we can describe the French traditional macaron as elegant and sophisticated, their counterpart, the Korean version, is a pimped, sparkled, flashy, heavy version. But don’t misunderstand, such as a lot of guilty pleasure in Asia, those macarons are less sweet than regular macaron. The filling takes a big part in it and you can find an infinite possibility of the recipe.

The trend started in 2019 in South Korea and is slowly reaching Japan. An interesting fact comes from the failure of big names such as Ladurée and Pierre Hermé in South Korea. But the market answered with the creation of ttung Macaron, literally Fat Macaron. Reaching the streets, the macarons, become sugarless, fat and affordable (20 to 40% cheaper than a regular macaron from a French patisserie).

Tokyo Adress : Macapresso


4. Scandinavian Food

Ikea Store in Shibuya neighbourhood
Ikea Shibuya Store

Until now, Scandinavian Chef had fewer opportunities over Japan compare to other countries, but with the expansion of IKEA into the city center and especially with the opening of the 4.800 sqm shop in Shibuya, we can expect to see more of them.

Even in the alcohol and the craft beer industry, Scandinavian breweries are so popular that they surpass the great America, so keep an eye on them.

Tokyo Adress : Ikea Project Shibuya


5. Home Draft Beer

Someone making a draft beer at home
Draft beer at home

In 2020, Asahi Breweries Ltd sales fell 16% compared to previous year lost. It was due to a slump in sales of Super Dry beer, which has a large share of sales to restaurants. As it continues to be difficult to celebrate out of home, the number of people who miss draft beer is increasing. One of the solutions is Home Draft Beer. Attention should be paid to the groundbreaking service that meets the demand of the beer party. Hanami is coming

More information : Kirin Home Draft Beer Service


6. Zero Sugar Beer

Two men during Kirin Zero Sugar Beer launch
Kirin Zero Sugar Beer launch

Launched in October 2020, "Kirin Ichiban Shibori Zero Sugar" was a hit due to concerns about corona fatness and beer tax cuts. The health-conscious trend is inevitable, and there is a high possibility that a new zero-sugar beer will be released.

Third-category beers include beverages that use alternatives to malt, such as soy or pea protein. In the January-July period, Kirin saw sales of its low-carb and zero-carb products rise around 5 percent from a year earlier, indicating an increasing concern among consumers about their health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

More Information : Kirin


7. Pizza & Toast for one person

six dishes of toast recipes
One person toast recipes

Japan has been already famous for having social difficulties, and the Covid is not helping this situation. It is really hard to meet someone, and family home lunch is not really common. Nowadays, the number of single people is increasing due to late marriage and diversification of values. The chances of gathering with acquaintances are decreasing due to the corona. In consequences, shared food such as pizza need to be adapted, and the one-person meal might be a new trend for the coming years.

Also, as we talked previously, "Preparing food" has become a difficulty among busy people. The need for "frozen products", which is made halfway and stored frozen, is likely to become more popular. You can enjoy pizza toast just by freezing bread with ingredients such as cheese and ham and baking it with a toaster when you want to eat.

More Information : Nichireifoods


8. Personalised Food

A table with food plates on it
Homeal family package

By continuing on the difficulty of preparing a meal and choosing the menu, some companies have taken advantage of it. Nowadays, after answering few questions regarding your meal preferences, they will deliver healthy main side dishes of the size of two parents and children in a pre-cooked frozen pack.

It is packed with the elements that people want, such as their favorite taste, high nutritional value, easy and quick cooking time. In addition to foreign-affiliated companies and startups, the number of companies entering the market such as the major food manufacturers are increasing, and the market is inevitably intensifying.

More information : Homeal


9. Gummy Bear

Multi Coloured Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear

A miniature-like gummy in the shape of an animal or fruit. It has gained popularity all over the world, including the United States, Australia, and Asian countries, and has become a hot topic in Japan.

An eye-catching visual product that has become a hot topic mainly on SNS and ASMR videos. In Japan, Kanro, a long-established confectionery maker that has been in business for over 100 years, has started selling, so you should have more chances to see it.

More information : Amos


10. Drinkable Food

Cans of drinks
Go Good series by Coca Cola

In recent years, the culture of drinking only dashi has spread, such as the opening of Dashi Bar or the Coca-Cola team up with Kikkoman to release new soup drinks which was created for busy people in a hurry that still need to get their fill. Their new collaborative Japanese dashi flavor was released in Japan on October 2020. In line with this, the number of products that can be drunk in cans and cups is increasing.

Although it is familiar to Japanese people, there were not many opportunities to drink it in a one-handed style. There is no doubt that it will be a hit due to the unexpectedness of this innovative proposal and the deliciousness that the manufacturer has taken seriously.

More Information : Coca Cola Go Good


11. Blue Color Food

Blue foods and drinks on a table
Anchan Blue Tea

Following the trend of parent-child snack making and "science sweets" (making snacks that can enjoy chemical reactions) that became popular in 2020, blue sweets and dishes are likely to attract attention this year. On SNS, it was talked about that blue sweets using the blue tea "Butterfly Pea", which has been drunk in Asia for a long time.

More information : Amazon Anchan Blue Tea


12. Soy Meat

Soy meat and soy meat balls
Muji Soy Meat series

Following the world healthy trend, More and more people are choosing healthy ingredients to avoid getting fat. In particular, soybean meat, which has lower calories and less fat than meat, is a must-see ingredient. Menus using soybean meat are appearing one after another at convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Last October 2020, MUJI was launching his Soybean Meat Series. It is likely to become more and more popular among people on a diet and those who are healthy-minded.

More information : Muji


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